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Welcome to bpa brokers
BPA Brokers have been assisting clients since 1999. Whether clients are buying or selling businesses, our goal is to assist people in improving their lifestyle and manage their own business. This drives who we are and what we do.
Every day.


We are a specialist brand in the food and hospitality industries, as well as being experts in diverse range of businesses, buying and selling business and franchise opportunities across all sectors. Every business is unique and has a story to tell, which is why we treat every vendor and potential purchaser with the same level of professionalism, confidentiality and respect that our brand is well-known for. Our philosophy is fuelled by our need to help every client make an informed, educated decision. We do this through our expertise and depth of knowledge, trademarks Managing Director Mino Stronghilis and our team of fifteen expert consultants live by.
Every day.


BPA Brokers started as a one-man operation in 2000. From those humble beginnings, the business is now 15 people strong and growing. Our success is attributed to one factor, word of mouth from our clients. By creating an environment where clear communication, integrity and persistence are key, we exceed both vendor and purchaser expectations.  Our expert consultants meet with clients in the first instance before any details are discussed.

Maintaining client trust is of utmost importance and we adhere to strict procedures when it comes to our confidentiality agreements. Ensuring all parties are comfortable and confident during meetings, discussions and inspections is a critical measure of our business prosperity.
Every day.


Whether you are looking to purchase or sell a business, we go to great lengths to achieve the best possible outcome and uphold our respected reputation in the marketplace. All of our expert consultants have either owned or managed a number of businesses in the food and hospitality industries, as well as varied business sectors. Whichever stage you are at, our first-hand practical and realistic experiences are here for you to draw on.


Please explore our website for both business and franchise opportunities and contact on 03 9485 4488 or reception@bpabrokers.com.au. We’re here to help you improve your lifestyle and manage your own business.